Internship: Anatomy in Motion Capture

Internal Anatomy in Motion Capture Animation

Master Internship, Morpheo and Imagine teams

Goal: To animate an anatomical model based on motion capture

Contact: Edmond Boyer, François Faure

Proposed work

The objective of this project is to animate an anatomical model, a human anatomy for example, using real performances captured with a multi-camera system. The project will build on recent works performed in the Imagine team, on anatomy transfer [1], and in the Morpheo team, on shape tracking [2] (see images below). The idea is first to recover, from multiple images, the locations of shape points, in space and over time. Given this information,   in a second step, an anatomical model will be animated by fitting its external surface to the observed shape points.


Anatomy Transfer, SIGGRAPH Asia 2013. Click the image to go to the publication page.


Mesh tracking – ECCV 2010


This work may be continued as a PhD thesis. The results may be used by the Anatoscope startup company.


  • Master student in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics.
  • Programming skills in C++  or python or java are mandatory.
  • Background in mathematics (especially linear algebra, geometry, and statistics).
  • Prior knowledge in the areas of computer vision, computer graphics and embedded programming are relevant.

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