medInria 3.0 available

We are extremely pleased a whole new release of medInria, tagged medInria 3.0. Why 3.0 you may ask, well for two major reasons: the update of medInria dependencies to Qt5 and VTK8 (offering up-to-date graphics interface and more recent OpenGL rendering), as well as a whole new architecture for plugins mainly to allow their use in a new composition workspace to stream your processes. Apart from these large changes, here is a more complete list of changes in the new release of medInria:

  • Switch Qt backend to Qt 5.x
  • Switch VTK to version 8.1, including a switch to OpenGL2 backend
  • New, experimental composer workspace to run pipelines
  • Introduce a new plugin framework for the previous purpose
  • A bunch of new image processing algorithms: ITK basic operations (morphology, arithmetic…), bias correction…
  • New data types for diffusion: multi-compartment models (view and estimation)
  • Enable image drag and drop on the application
  • Scale colormaps option for surface and fibers attributes
  • Many more things under the hood !
And there is so much more to see in the app itself that we forgot to talk about here. It has been a long, hard work to put all this into place and we hope this new version suits your needs. As for previous versions of medInria, we support the three OSes, with slight changes to minimally required versions due mainly to Qt5: Windows from windows 7, Ubuntu from 16.04, Fedora from 25, macOS from 10.9 (all 64 bits versions). If you are installing on Linux, be careful to install qt5 on your system first.

As always, medInria is available on our website: The source code for the application core has now moved to a new integrated super-project here: 

We hope you enjoy this release, and share your feedback !

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