medInria 2.2.0 available

After over a year of work, we are very pleased to announce today the release of medInria 2.2.0. Among the new features:

  • New streamlined interface theme
  • New flexible view container management
  • New database navigator to explore patients/studies/series
  • New system to link view and layer properties for synchronisation
  • New MPR option to display data in all orientations simultaneously
  • Added Visualization support of vector fields
  • New “rubber band” zoom tool
  • Added highDPI support on OSX
  • Added support for VTK .vtp file format
  • New morphological filters (dilate/erode/open/close)

As well as some improvements:

  • The View and Data management APIs have been redesigned and cleaned-up
  • The Diffusion workspace was re-organized
  • ITK was updated to 4.6 and VTK to 5.10

Two new registration plugins were also added :

  • LCC log-Demons
  • Non linear block-matching

And of course, many, many bugfixes.

As always, it is available on our website:, and the source code for the application core (including the new APIs) is available from

The Linux packages have switched from RPM/DEB to Zip archives, allowing us to support more distributions, but it means you will not receive this update via your package manager if you installed a previous version via RPM or DEB packages. Also, we advise you to uninstall any previous version from your package manager to avoid any conflict. We also support Mac OS X from 10.6 to 10.9, and Windows from XP to Windows 8.

We hope you enjoy this new version, and share your feedback !

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