Former Members

Former members

PhD Students

  • Tarso Kraemer Sarzi Sartori, Mitigation of cosmic ray effects on inertial navigation systems, October 2023 (Advisor: H. Fourati and R. Bastos)
  • Maria Castaldo, Disorders of online media, November 2022 (Advisors: P. Frasca, F. Gargiulo, T. Venturini)
  • Pierre Gogendeau, Geolocalisation from heterogeneous data, November 2022  (Advisor: H. Fourati and S. Bernard)
  • Renato Vizuete, Open multi-agent systems, October 2022 (Advisors: P. Frasca and E. Panteley)
  • Ujjwal Pratap, Resilient control in scale-free networks, September 2022 (Advisors: F. Garin and C. Canudas de Wit)
  • Tembani Moyo, Sustainability of urban public transport through ecological traffic management: the case of Johannesburg, South Africa. December 2021 (Advisor: A. Kibangou)
  • Nigina Toktassynova, Simulation and research of control system of phosphorite ore sintering process, December 2021 (Advisor: H. Fourati)
  • Bassel Othman, Dynamic optimization of road traffic in a large-scale urban network, October 2021 (Advisors: G. De Nunzio and C. Canudas de Wit)
  • Makia Zmitri, Magnetometer array-based indoor navigation under Kalman filtering, October 2021 (Advisors: H. Fourati and C. Prieur)
  • Denis Nikitin, Scalable large-scale control of network aggregates, September 2021 (Advisors: P. Frasca and C. Canudas de Wit)
  • Liudmila Tumash, Two-dimensional traffic models, September 2021 (Advisors: M.L. Delle Monache and C. Canudas de Wit)
  • Muhammad Umar B. Niazi, Aggregated monitoring of large-scale network systems and control of epidemics, July 2021 (Advisors: A. Kibangou and C. Canudas de Wit)
  • Martin Rodriguez Vega, Optimal sensor placement and density estimation in large-scale traffic networks, until April 2021 (Advisors: H. Fourati and C. Canudas de Wit). Then as postdoc until March 2023 (Advisor: C. Canudas de Wit).

Please see here for their doctoral theses.


  • Mladen Čičić, Modelling and control of electro-mobility, until October 2023 (Advisor: C. Canudas de Wit)
  • Xiang Dai, Vision and inertial navigation, 2022 (Advisor: H. Fourati)
  • Andrea Mattioni, Reinforcement learning for complex systems, 2022 (Advisors: C. Prieur and P. Frasca)
  • Aurélien Velleret, Vaccination strategies on finite and infinite networks, January-December 2022 (Advisors: P. Frasca, F. Garin, JF. Delmas, PA Zitt)

Research engineers

  • Léo Senique, Inria research engineer, until 2023
  • Vadim Bertrand, Research engineer, until August 2021

Permanent members

Master students, interns, long-term visitors

  • Yahya Bajdadi, Temporal analysis of publication practices on YouTube. Summer 2023 (Advisor: P. Frasca)
  • Nassim Bouarour, Data exploration and recommendation systems, 2020 (Advisor: P. Frasca)
  • Arold Gaborit, Estimation in soft robotics. Spring 2023 (Advisor: H. Fourati)

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