Team members

Team Leader

Permanent researchers


  • Ilhem Gharbi, Reliable detection of travel modes for hybrid mobility urban navigation, since November 2023 (Advisors: Hassen Fourati et Nicolas Vuillerme, AGEIS)

Research engineers

  • Baptiste Lefeuvre, e-Mob Twin platform, since June 2023
  • Yohan Masson, e-Mob Twin platform, since February 2024

PhD students

  • Manuel Campero-Jurado, Optimal design of the urban mobility network for sustainable sharing between vehicles and soft modes of transport, since February 2023 (Advisor: C. Canudas de Wit)
  • Arold Gaborit, Perception and human-robot interfaces: application to continuous robots for assistance with medical-surgical procedures, since October 2023 (Advisors: A. Hably, S. Caroly, H. Fourati, T. Chikhaoui)
  • Guillaume Gasnier, Modeling and optimal control of electro-mobility networks, since January 2023 (Advisor: C. Canudas de Wit)
  • Rémy Mourgues, Variable price-optimal policies for urban electro-mobility networks, since January 2023 (Advisor: C. Canudas de Wit)
  • Raoul Prisant, Continuous models for the control of large networks: graphon limits, since November 2023 (Advisors: F. Garin and P. Frasca)
  • Ghadeer Shaaban, Magneto-visual-inertial navigation with invariance and learning: Improving estimation in benign cases and under attacks, since October 2022 (Advisors: A. Kibangou, H. Fourati, C. Prieur)
  • Tommaso Toso, Online routing recommendations in multi-modal transportation networks, since October 2021 (Advisors: A. Kibangou and P. Frasca)

Here is a list of former team members.

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