Inflatable outdoor aviaries


4 PX4 Vision UAVs

Quadrotor PX4 Vision

4 Intel Aero UAVs

Quadrotor Intel Aero

Quadrotor Intel Aero

5 Parrot Bibop UAVs

Quadrotor Parrot bibop 2 and Crazyflies

5 mini-UAVs Crazyflies


Fleet of Turtlebot2 robots


16 Turtlebot 2 used by Chroma (CITI-Inria Lab, INSA de Lyon TC Dept.)


1 Pepper in CITI and 2 Pepper in CPE Lyon

Lexus (Toyota)

This platform is a standard car equipped with various sensors (rangefinders laser, inertial measurement unit (IMU), a GPS and a stereo camera). It’s used to make acquisitions sensors in urban zones, on road network. She allows to lead experiments on the means of perceptions, analyses of road scenesand decision, intended for the systems of assistant to the driving.

Autonomous Zoe (Renault)

Credit : @Inria / Photo H. Raquet
This platform is an electric Renault Zoe car which have been transformed to be autonomous (change carried out by Irccyn Lab. Centrale Nantes). Then the car can be programmed to drive alone or can be teleoperated.