Inria Sophia-Antipolis seminar: Dennis Shasha (NYU) “Group Testing to Describe Causality in Gene Networks”

Séminaire 1: mercredi 1er avril 2015, 15h, Salle Euler bleu, Inria Sophia-Antipolis

“Group Testing to Describe Causality in Gene Networks”

Dennis Shasha Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University Zenith team, Inria, LIRMM & IBC, Montpellier

Genomics is essentially the study of network effects among genes. A typical outcome of a genomic study will be some experimental proof of one more causal relationships of the form induction ingene X causes repression in gene Y. A typical way to establish such connections are to knock out genes and see which other genes are affected. Alternatively, single genes can be over-expressed. The advent of CRISPR allows the suppression or over-expression of several genes at once. The question then is how to make use of such technology to discover causal links more efficiently. We have found a way to use combinatorial group testing for this purposes. The talk explains the algorithm and validates it on the DREAM simulator for genomic networks.

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