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International Projects


Horizon Europe MANBO (2022-2026)

Horizon Europe GUARDEN (2022-2025)

H2020 RISC2 (2021-2023)

H2020 Cos4Cloud (2019-2022)

H2020 CloudDBAppliance (2016-2019)

H2020  High Performance Computing for Energy (HPC4E) 2015-2017

FP7 CoherentPaaS (2013-2016)

FP7 CHORUS (2010-2012)

Scaling GraphDB (2010-2011) with UPC (Spain)


HPDaSc (2020-2024) with LNCC, UFRJ, UFF, CEFET (Brazil)

SciDISC (2017-2019) with LNCC, UFRJ, UFF, CEFET (Brazil)

Zcloudflow (2013-2017) with Microsoft

MUSIC (2014-2016) with LNCC, UFRJ, UFF, CEFET (Brazil)

BigdataNet (2013-2015) with UCSB (USA)

Hoscar (2012-2015) with UFRJ, LNCC, UFRGS and UFC (Brazil)

SwfP2Pcloud (2011-2013) with UFRJ and LNCC (Brazil)

DatLuge (2009-2011) with UFRJ, LNCC and UFPR (Brazil)

Saravá (2009-2011) with UFRJ (Brazil)


BDFarm (2016-2018) Stic Asia

International Evaluation Campaign


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BDFarm (2016-2018) Stic Asia

World population is still growing and people are living longer and older. World demand for food rises sharply and current growth rates in agriculture are clearly not sufficient. But extreme flood, drought, typhoon etc, caused by climate change, give severe damages on traditional agriculture. Today, an urgent and deep redesign of agriculture is crucial in …