Seminar by Patrick Valduriez “Innovation : startup strategies” 19 March 2020 ** postponed

**Postponed to June

Zenith seminar: 19 march 2020, 10h30
Campus Saint Priest, BAT5, 01.124

Innovation : startup strategies
Patrick Valduriez
Inria and LIRMM, Univ. Montpellier, France

Technological innovation as driven by startups is hard to formalize (and manage) as the context may be unknown or quickly changing. To be successful, the innovation process involves not only inventions (new methods) but also context, e.g. user behavior, and timing, e.g. market readiness. In this talk, I illustrate various innovation strategies based on startup success stories, in particular LeanXcale, which delivers a new generation HTAP DBMS product. I also give hints to promote innovation within startups.

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