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BDFarm (2016-2018) Stic Asia

World population is still growing and people are living longer and older. World demand for food rises sharply and current growth rates in agriculture are clearly not sufficient. But extreme flood, drought, typhoon etc, caused by climate change, give severe damages on traditional agriculture.
Today, an urgent and deep redesign of agriculture is crucial in order to increase production and to reduce environmental impact. In this context, collecting, managing and analyzing dedicated, large, complex, and various datasets (Big Data) will allow improving the understanding of complex mechanisms behind adaptive, yield and crop improvement. Moreover, sustainability will require detailed studies such as the relationships between genotype, phenotype and environment.
In other words, data science and ICT for agriculture must help improving production. Moreover, it has to be done while getting properly adapted to soil, climatic and agronomic constraints as well as taking into account the genetic specificities of plants and animals. This work should result in a new generation of predictive and decision support tools. In this direction, Big data and farming must allow addressing main challenges such as:
Being able to provide food security
– Being able to adapt to climate change
– Preserving natural resources
– Improving interactions with food transformation, food distribution, health and economy
Our objectives are to create a new researcher network, and start collaborative research work that will focus on:
– Data production (IoT, sensors, crowdsourcing, etc.)
– Data management (data quality, data integration, etc.)
– Data analytics (statistics, data mining, etc.).
We propose research activities on the following set of topics: IoT, distributed smart sensors, data quality, data integration and data analytics. We think that working in a coordinated way on these topics is a key to reach the goals mentioned above.



Japanese team:
Dr. Tomokazu Yoshida, NARO (Agriculture API, Leaf color monitoring)
Dr. Tokihiro Fukatsu, NARO (Distributed Field Sensors, Field Robotics)
Dr. Takayuki Mitsunaga, NARO (Statistical Analysis)
Dr. Akane Takesaki, NARO (Text Mining, Ontology)
Dr. Kei Tanaka, NARO (Crop Model Service, Data Integration )
Dr. Masayuki Hirafuji, NARO (IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data)
Prof. Kiyoshi Honda, Chubu University (IoT, UAV, Web Service)
Prof. Seishi Ninomiya Tokyo University (Phenotyping, Image Processing, Machine Learning)
Dr. Takuji Kiura, NARO (Computer network application for agricultural research. Field Sensor Network, Agricultural Data Integration, Network Security).

Thai team ( Thai and Vietnamese ):
Ms. Rassarin Chinnachodteeranun, Ph.D. Candidate, Chubu University (IoT, Data Integration, Web Service)
Dr. Supawadee Chaivivatrakul, Lecturer of Ubon Ratchathani University (Phenotyping by Image Processing and 3D Reconstruction)
Dr. Nguyen Duy Hung ( Vietnam National ), Lecturer, Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT), Thammasat University, Thailand ( Semantic Web Service )

Indian team:
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay: J. Adinarayana, Surya Durbha
(Prof J Adinarayana: ICTs in Precision Agriculture) (Prof Surya Durbha: HPC, Ontology, Machine Learning)

French team:
IRD: Pierre Larmande, Luyen Le Ngoc (University of Hanoï Vietnam)
INRIA (Zenith team) : Florent Masseglia, Reza Akbarinia, Patrick Valduriez, Djamel-Eddine Yagoubi
INRA EMMAH Frédéric Baret
INRA URGI: Cyril Pommier,
INRA MISTEA: Nadine Hilgert, Danai Symeonidou, Pascal Neveu

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