Patrick Valduriez at (Online) CWI lectures on Database Research, 19 Nov. 2020.

Patrick Valduriez on “Distributed Database Systems: the case for NewSQL” on 19 Nov. 2020 at (Online) CWI lectures on Database Research.

NewSQL [Valduriez & Jimenez-Peris 2019] is the latest technology in the big data management landscape, enjoying a fast-growing rate in the DBMS and BI markets. NewSQL combines the scalability and availability of NoSQL with the consistency and usability of SQL. By blending capabilities only available in different kinds of database systems such as fast data ingestion and SQL queries and by providing online analytics over operational data, NewSQL opens up new opportunities in many application domains where real-time decision is critical. Important use cases are eAdvertisement (such as Google Adwords), IoT, performance monitoring, proximity marketing, risk monitoring, real-time pricing, real-time fraud detection, etc. NewSQL may also simplify data management, by removing the traditional separation between NoSQL and SQL (ingest data fast, query it with SQL), as well as between operational database and data warehouse / data lake (no more ETLs!). However, a hard problem is scaling out transactions in mixed operational and analytical (HTAP) workloads over big data, possibly coming from different data stores (HDFS, SQL, NoSQL). Today, only a few NewSQL systems have solved this problem. In this talk, I introduce the solution for scalable transaction and polystore data management in LeanXcale, a recent NewSQL DBMS.

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