PyGraft: Configurable Generation of Synthetic Schemas and Knowledge Graphs at Your Fingertips

PyGraft is an open-source Python library for generating synthetic yet realistic schemas and knowledge graphs (KGs) based on user-specified parameters, built in collaboration with Université de Lorraine. PyGraft has the following features:

  • possibility to generate a schema, a KG, or both
  • highly-tunable process based on a broad array of user-specified parameters
  • schemas and KGs are built with an extended set of RDFS and OWL constructs
  • logical consistency is ensured by the use of a Description Logic reasoner (HermiT)

We expect PyGraft to help you generate new and tailored benchmark datasets useful in various fields and studies including but not limited to neuro-symbolic AI, link prediction, node classification, node clustering, ontology repairing, pattern mining, reasoning, scalability studies, fields whose data is sensitive or not readily available, etc. 

More info: 

All contributions or ideas to improve PyGraft are welcome. 
Feel free to download, star, fork, share and tell us about any usage you foresee! 

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