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Published by Wimmics


  • NRV: Normative Requirements Vocabulary (NRV) is an OWL vocabulary for describing normative requirements ( obligation, permission, prohibition).
  • mUnc: Metadata with UNCertainty (mUnc) is an OWL ontology for describing Uncertainty information over and as linked data.
  • NiceTag: an OWL ontology to represent social tagging acts.
  • SemSNA: an RDFS schema to support semantic social network analysis.
  • EmOCA: ontology for emotion detection by reasonning on contextual data.
  • Webmarks: an RDFS ontology to extend the notion of bookmarks to any kind of resource on the web.
  • Radio4TA: an OWL ontology for describing explanation metadata.
  • S4AC: a vocabulary for creating access control policies for linked data.
  • PRISSMA: a vocabulary for defining the mobile context of presentation data for RDF.
  • SQLAST: an RDFS vocabulary to describe SQL abstract syntax trees.


  • Covid-on-the-Web: is an RDF dataset that provides named entities and argumentative components produced by analyzing 100K+ scholarly articles about COVID-19 and the family of coronaviruses.
  • the french chapter of extracted and published from Wikipedia in the context of the SemanticPedia partnership.
  • Linked Data Spam: dataset containing malicious spam triples. It is a “polluted” fraction of the Billion Triple Challenge 2012 dataset.
  • StackOverflowRDF: the rdf version of stack overflow open dataset. The content is from Stack Overflow (from 2008/08 to 2009/09). (TBD)
  • TAXREF-LD is the Linked Data representation of TAXREF, the French national taxonomical register for fauna, flora and fungus, that covers mainland France and overseas territories. It accounts for 550000+ scientific names.
  • WASABI is a corpus of 2M+ songs enriched with metadata extracted from music databases on the Web, and resulting from the processing of song lyrics and from audio analysis.

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