HDR defense of Michel BUFFA

December 12th


“From wikis to tube guitar amplifier simulations, the universal web platform…”



Since 1993 Michel Buffa has been interested in the Web, to the point of having put it at the heart of his research work. Its projects have been part of both research themes and participation in W3C working groups, and have contributed to the evolution of Web standards.

The defense will cover three periods:

1. The first part will be dedicated to “wikis and semantic wikis” (1999-2014),
2. A second part will be dedicated to “Socio-semantic Networks” (2006-2012)
3. A third part will be devoted to “access to knowledge on the Web and the implementation of new Web standards for audio” (from 2013-present).



  • Alain Mille, Claude Bernard University, Lyon, Rapporteur
  • Norbert Schnell, Digital Media Faculty, University of Furtwangen, Rapporteur

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