• ProvSQL

    • Provenance and Probability Management in PostgreSQL

    • The goal of the ProvSQL project is to add support for (m-)semiring provenance and uncertainty management to PostgreSQL databases, in the form of a PostgreSQL extension/module/plugin.

  • Thymeflow

    • ThymeFlow is an open-source Personal Information Management System (Pims) platform, developed in collaboration with Engie.

    • ThymeFlow allows in particular the development of plugins for both interacting with existing Web sources and presenting users with rich interfaces and query facilities over their personal information. A preliminary version of ThymeFlow tools has also been deployed on the Cozy Cloud personal cloud system. The model allows the open-source community to contribute individual plugins while we focus on providing users with useful ways to exploit their personal information.

  • apxproof

    • Proofs in Appendix

    • apxproof is a LaTeX package facilitating the typesetting of research articles with proofs in appendix, a common practice in database theory and theoretical computer science in general. The appendix material is written in the LaTeX code along with the main text which it naturally complements, and it is automatically deferred. The package can automatically send proofs to the appendix, can repeat in the appendix the theorem environments stated in the main text, can section the appendix automatically based on the sectioning of the main text, and supports a separate bibliography for the appendix material.

  • WAE

    • Starting from an existing corpus of Web archives, the WAE seeks to solve the many "crawl legacy effects" which are obstacles to the historical analysis of Web archives corpora.

    • The Web archive explorer is a system for extracting, fragmenting and exploring Web archives.

  • Sgvizler2

    • Sgvizler2 is a javascript wrapper for easy visualisation of SPARQL result sets (and a jQuery plugin).

    • This project is the reboot in Typescript of project Sgvizler of Martin G. Skjæveland.


  • TFT

    • TFT (Tester for Triplestore) is a script PHP to pass tests through a SPARQL service.


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