Course on Applied AI (3D part)

The first part of this course offers an introduction to data measurements used to digitalize our world in 3D as well as methods and algorithms for analyzing and reconstructing objects and scenes in 3D spaces

Types of 3D data measurements
Local analysis of 3D data and scene classification
Neural Networks for 3D point clouds
3D Reconstruction of freeform and piece-wise planar objects
3D City modeling


Planning :
13 septembre    13h30-15h00   CM:  Analysis of 3D data
13 septembre    15h15-17h45   Lab: Classification of urban scenes (VirtualBox / c++)
20 septembre    13h30-15h00   CM: 3D reconstruction of objects and scenes
20 septembre    15h15-17h45   Lab: Detection of planar shapes (VirtualBox / c++)


Download Lab courses (TPs) here

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