Optimistic Planning

Optimistic Planning

Implementation of several optimistic planning algorithms, together with examples on how they can be used.

Author: Lucian Busoniu and RĂ©mi Munos

Getting started

  • Unzip the archive into a directory of your choice.
  • Start up Matlab, point it to the directory where you unzipped the file, and run startup.
  • Open the script onlineplanning_demo and try out the algorithms

Planning algorithms

  • opd.m: OPD, Optimistic Planning for Deterministic Systems. See OPD.
  • opss.m: OP-MDP, Optimistic Planning for MDPs(also called “for Sparsely Stochastic Systems”) SeeOP-MDP and OPSS
  • olop.m: OLOP, Open-Loop Optimistic Planning, a practical variant
  • olop_theoretical.m: OLOP, Open-Loop Optimistic Planning, the theoretical variant given in the original paper OLOP
  • sooplp.m: SOOP, SOO for Planning, and LP, Lipschitzian Planning (continuous-action algorithms)

Software: Optimistic Planning (Matlab)