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Round Table 2015-12-03

Vincent Kherbache Scheduling Live-Migrations for Fast, Adaptable and Energy Efficient Relocation Operations [slides]

Round Table 2015-06-29 & 2015-06-30

Miguel Oliva Adaptable Stream Processing Using GCM (Master defense rehearsal) [] Mario Taddei An integrated system for building and running reproducible research (Master defense rehearsal) [slides] Alexandros Tsantilas Analysing bugs in VM Schedulers (Master defense rehearsal) [slides] Pavlo Khvorostov A viewer tool for multiactive objects (Master defense rehearsal) []

Round Table 2015-03-17

Ph.D. Pedro Velho GreenHPC: A Novel Framework to Measure Energy Consumption on HPC Applications []

Round Table 2015-03-02

Eric Madelaine pNets: an Expressive Model for Parameterised Networks of Processes (PDP’15) [] Sophie Song Solutions for Processing K Nearest Neighbor Joins for Massive Data on MapReduce (PDP’15) []

Round Table 2014-11-28

Maéva Antoine Dealing with Skewed Data in Structured Overlays using Variable Hash Functions (PDCAT’14) [slides] Vincenzo Mastandrea Deadlock Analysis of Asynchronous Sequential Processes (Master thesis) [slides]

Round Table 2014-10-17

Maéva Antoine A Generic API for Load Balancing in Structured P2P Systems (WPBA’14)  [slides]

Round Table 2014-08-20 & 2014-09-01

Vincent Kherbache Planning live-migrations to prepare servers for maintenance (VHPC’14) [slides] Oleksandra Kulankhina Verifying the correct composition of distributed components: Formalisation and Tool (FOCLASA’14) [slides]

Round Table 2014-06-26

Sara Kaddouri Scalable, Dynamic and Expressive Social Data Streams’ Analytic (Master defense rehearsal) [] Galyna Zholtkevych Optimisation of behaviour of component-based distributed systems (Master defense rehearsal) [slides]

Round Table 2014-06-16

Matias Ibañez Autonomic management of gcm/proactive components (Internship) [slides] Justine Rochas Active Objects & Co. (PhD first year summary) [slides]

Round Table 2014-02-11

Fabien Hermenier Higher SLA Satisfaction in Datacenters with Continuous VM Placement Constraints (HotDep’2013) (slides) Yanwen Chen A Timed-pNets semantic model for distributed systems (slides)