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Simulation Of Next Generation System (SONG ANR-11-INFRA-13):

  • Coordinator: M. Quinson, Algorille Team, INRIA (Nancy – Lorraine)
  • Others partners: INRIA Rhones Alpes, MESCAL Team, IN2P3 & GRAAL/Avalon, Villeurbanne, I3S Sophia Antipolis (UMR CNRS 7172) Scale Team, INRIA Bordeaux, Cepage Team, LSIIT Strasbourg, ICPS Team, INRIA Rennes & LINA, ASCOLA Team.
  • Description: SONGS a project sponsored by ANR in the INFRA Program. The goal of the SONGS project is to extend the applicability of the SimGrid simulation framework from Grids and Peer-to-Peer systems to Clouds and High Performance Computation systems. Each type of large-scale computing system will be addressed through a set of use cases and lead by researchers recognized as experts in this area.
  • Start: January 2012
  • End: December 2015

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