indexSafe Composition of Autonomous applications with Large-SCALE Execution environment

Scale is an I3S project (Univ. of Nice Sophia-Antipolis and CNRS)  of the COMRED team.
It used to be a joint team between I3S (Univ. of Nice Sophia-Antipolis and CNRS) and INRIA Sophia Antipolis méditerrannée until Dec 2015.

The overall objective of Scale is to provide a unified programming language and execution model for large-scale multi-level parallelism.The objective of the proposal is to put forward a set of coherent programming abstractions that will be common to the whole team and will allow programming multi-scale parallel and distributeds applications. Also We will join our efforts to provide a common platform for programming, verifying, and running large-scale distributed applications.

Scientific Objectives

1. A unified programming model for heterogeneous parallel and distributed application

2. A large-scale and dynamic runtime environment

3. Application domains: simulation and big data

A brief slide presenting the team: Scale