SBM: Matlab toolbox for Supervised Binaural Mapping

The SBM Matlab toolbox for “Supervised Binaural Mapping”, contains a set of functions and scripts for supervised binaural sound source separation and localization. The approach consists in learning the acoustic space of a system using a set of white-noise measurements. Once the acoustic space is learned, it can be used to efficiently localize one or several natural sound sources such as speech, and to separate their signals.

Download the toolbox

This toolbox include:

  • The algorithm Probabilsitic Piecewise Affine Mapping (PPAM) published in [1]
  • The algorithm Variational EM for Sound Source Separation and Localization (VESSL) published in [2,3]
  • 7 usage examples demonstrating single and multiple sound source localization, sound source separation, and online audio-to-video mapping

This toolbox requires:

This video is one example of the results which can be generated from the toolbox:

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[1] A. Deleforge, R. Horaud, Y. Schechner, L. Girin, “Co-Localization of Audio Sources in Images Using Binaural Features and Locally-Linear Regression”, IEEE/ACM Transactions in Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 2015. BibTex

[2] A. Deleforge, F. Forbes, R. Horaud, “Acoustic space learning for sound-source separation and localization on binaural manifolds” International Journal of Neural Systems, 2015. BibTex

[3] A. Deleforge, F. Forbes, R. Horaud, “Variational EM for Binaural Sound-Source Separation and Localization“, IEEE International Conference on Acoustic, Speech, and Signal Processing, Vancouver, CA, 2013. BibTex

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