Team Leader

Arnaud Legrand

Simulation/Emulation of large infrastructures (supercomputers, HPC, grid/cloud computing, performance evaluation (visualization, statistical analysis),optimization (scheduling, load balancing, fairness), design of experiments, reproducible research.

Permanent researchers

Jonatha Anselmi

Queuing Theory, ultra-scalable scheduling, applied probability

Vincent Danjean

Operating Systems, HPC, Performance analysis and visualization

Nicolas Gast

Mean field approximation, Markov decision processes and reinforcement learning, online learning, bandit problems, stochastic networks

Bruno Gaujal

Discrete Event Stochastic Systems, Markov Chains, Markov Decision Processes, Reinforcement Learning

Guillaume Huard

HPC applications traces collection and analysis, Hardware / software instrumentation

Patrick Loiseau

Game theory, statistical learning, security and privacy, ethics of algorithms (fairness & transparency), adversarial learning, fairness in learning, security games, learning in the presence of strategic behavior

Panayotis Mertikopoulos

PM’s research interests lie at the interface of game theory, learning and optimization, with a special view towards their applications to networks, signal processing, and machine learning. More information can be found here.

Florence Perronnin

Performance evaluation of large computer systems, Markovian models, Perfect Simulation

Bary Pradelski

Game theory, micro-economics, probability theory, fairness, dynamic markets, green zoning to exit the covid-19 lockdown

Jean-Marc Vincent

Performance evaluation, stochastic models, Markov processes, perfect simulation, traces and measurements of large systems

Philippe Waille

Team assistants

Annie Simon

Amazing problem solver. Takes care of all of us and magically anticipates all our needs.

Christine Guimet

Research engineers

  • Sarath Ampadi Yasodharan


PhD students

Former Members

  • Georges Arvanitakis
  • Olivier Bilenne (now at Maastricht)
  • Bruno Luis De Moura Donassolo (PhD defense on 4/11/20)
  • Amélie Héliou (now working at Criteo)
  • Christian Heinrich
  • Umar Ibn Zaid Ozeer
  • Baptiste Jonglez (PhD defense on 23/10/20)
  • Takai Eddine Kennouche
  • Mouhcine Mendil
  • Stéphan Plassart (PhD defense on 16/06/20)
  • Rafael Keller Tesser (PhD defense on 26/04/18)
  • Benoît Vinot (PhD defense on 25/06/18)
  • Vinicius Garcia Pinto (PhD defense on 30/10/18)
  • Stéphane Durand (PhD defense on 11/12/18)

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