Job offers

  • At Parietal, you will find a unique mix of leading scientific research and technical expertise to leverage machine learning and statistical signal processing for brain sciences. Working at Parietal is a unique opportunity to develop your expertise.
  • Parietal is embedded in Neurospin, the lead brain-imaging center in France, and works in tight collaboration with world-class neuroscientists such as the members of Unicog, at the frontiers of cognitive science and neuroimaging.
  • Parietal is part of Inria, the French computer science institute. This gives us access to collaborations with experts in high-performance computing, databases, machine learning etc.., support services with expert programmers, grid computing and massive storage infrastructures. On top of that, having worked at INRIA is a great line on a CV.
  • Parietal is committed to high-quality work, both in terms of publications and of open-source software. At Parietal you can have a real impact by joining a team that produces methods and software to tackle difficult problems in understanding images of brain function.

Specific offers


Post-doc positions:

PhD positions:


  • KT-space Acceleration for High Resolution functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging at 7 Tesla: detailed project (Period: Spring-Summer 2019)
  • 3D Variable Density Sampling for Accelerated Magnetic Resonance Imaging at 7 Tesla: detailed project (Period: Spring-Summer 2019)
  •  Database models: entity embeddings to capture semantic in tables detailed project (Period: Spring-Summer 2019, in the context of the DirtyData project, and in collaboration with Alex Allauzen, NLP research)

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