Winter Party@INRIA

Two weeks ago we had the winter party in the new building of INRIA Saclay. There was a laser shooting game in the second floor of the build, a cocktail bar, great food and a dance floor on the first floor. Really crazy and really fun. Certainly did not match the stereotypes of computer science research. Only a fraction of the Parietal team was there, because snow was piling up outside, blocking the roads.

At the INRIA winter party

Pierre at the INRIA winter party

At the INRIA winter party

Elvis, Alex, and Audrey at the INRIA winter party

Dancing at the INRIA winter party

Pierre and Elvis dancing at the INRIA winter party

At the INRIA winter party

Emmanuelle at the INRIA winter party

At the INRIA winter party

Yannick at the INRIA winter party

At the INRIA winter party

Emmanuelle at the INRIA winter party

At the INRIA winter party

Alex and Audrey at the INRIA winter party

At the INRIA winter party

Elvis at the INRIA winter party

Best poster award at Euroscipy 2012

Fabian Pedregosa, PhD candidate at the Parietal team won the best poster award at the EuroScipy 2012 conference. The poster, Memory Profiler: monitor memory usage of Python code describes the Python package memory_profiler, a tool to monitor memory usage from within the Python language. Among other features, the package is able to perform line-by-line analysis of the memory usage program and to insert breakpoints on excessive memory consumption.

Parietal@MICCAI 2012

We’ll be at the MICCAI 2012 conference to present our recent work:

We ‘ll also be there to present scikit-learn at the INRIA booth on Tuesday, October 2nd.

Visit Parietal during “Fête de la science” !

Do you want to see how our brain’ visual regions activate when we read a word? Want to understand how researchers make it to decipher a 4-letters word that flashed during a couple of seconds on a screen, just by looking at you brain activations? Come and visit us at Fête de la science in Gymnase du Moulon (Gif-sur-Yvette), on October 13 and 14!

R&D software engineer position at Paris / Saclay – Ecole Polytechnique campus – modern UI & controls for the next generation of medical applications

UPDATE: Position has been filled.

Presentation of Inria

Inria is the French national institute for research in computer science and mathematics. It has a workforce of 5000 people working throughout its eight research centres established in seven regions of France. The Saclay Research Centre counts 500 people working in 27 research teams. The following job opening is situated on the campus of Ecole Polytechnique, but could also be partly downtown Paris.

Job Purpose

The 4S-medical team is composed of 7 people aiming at disrupting medical interventions by introducing “natural interfaces” into asepsis-controlled environment to interact with medical images.

This position aims at strengthening the team to improve every aspect of the user interface from the graphical interface to gesture recognition.

The 4S-medical software user interface.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience

We are looking for very talented people, committed to work and motivated by technical and scientific challenges. This is a one-year contract, but for the most adventurous, this job could be converted into an engineer position in a highly dynamic and application-oriented startup.

The successful candidate will hold a MS degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics or similar discipline, and have experience in C++ software development. Self-made-men will also be considered, upon demonstrated competences in the desired toolkits (see below).

Priority is given to candidates with very strong programming skills, experience in user interface design with Qt and QML and image processing with OpenCV. Knowledge of VTK and CMake are considered to be additional assets.

Proficiency in English is required. French is a plus but not mandatory (half of the team is not French already).


34.8K€ gross + 10% at the end of the contract.


Please send a detailed CV (including references) and a cover letter by email to:

PLEASE include “[Position-DIGITEO]” in the title

Parietal at EuroScipy 2012.

As you all know, the EuroScipy 2012 conference will take place in Brussels, at the Université libre de Bruxelles, from August 23rd to 27th.

Most of our team members will be attending the conference. Gaël Varoquax will be giving a tutorial about Optimization in Linear Algebra and Jaques Grobler a talk about the latest developments of scikit-learn.