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Stic-AmSud MOTIf – Mo​bile phone sensing of human dynamics in ​techno-social environment

The MOTIf project, funded by the Stic-AmSud program, is a two-years long international project (2018-2019) between French and Latin American partners from Argentina and Brazil. The general goal of the MOTIf project is to ​understand, model, and predict individual behavior embedded in social and technological environments. We propose to work in two directions in order to tackle …

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(Français) CO3i : Projet Connaissances collectives et cognition individuelle

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ANR DyLNet — Language Dynamics, Linguistic Learning, and Sociability at Preschool: Benefits of Wireless Proximity Sensors in Collecting Big Data

Because preschool is the first step in a child’s school career, it is necessary to understand how children from different social backgrounds integrate and adapt to it. Oral language plays a key role in this process: it is the mean and result of socialization at school and is the “vital condition for the success of …

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ANR – SoSweet : A sociolinguistics of Twitter — social links and linguistic variations

The SoSweet project focuses on the synchronic variation and the diachronic evolution of the variety of French language used on Twitter. The Web has entered all areas of our social life. As the language is central in our social interactions, it is legitimate to ask how the Web has become a factor acting on language. …

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ANR – REsilient and FLEXible Infrastructure for Open Networking: REFLEXION

The REFLEXION (REsilient and FLEXible Infrastructure for Open Networking) project, started in February 2015, is an industrial research project that leans on the complementary technical expertise of the partners to bring (i) robustness and flexibility in NFV-SDN architectures, in particular to support critical services, and (ii) dynamicity and efficiency for the provisioning and the chaining …

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ANR – DIstributed SDN COntrollers: DISCO

DISCO (DIstributed SDN COntrollers for rich and elastic network services) is an ANR funded project. It started on January 1st 2014 and it will last up to June 2017. DISCO proposes to explore the way how SDN changes network monitoring, control, urbanisation and abstract description of network resources for the optimisation of services. SDN promises …

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Project “Real time sociolinguistic: a study on the linguistic variability in Twitter” granted by IXXI and ASLAN

This project is supported by IXXI and ASLAN ( Advanced Studies on LANguage complexity).

ANR-Contenus numériques et interactions: CODDDE project accepted

The CODDDE  (Evolving communities, diffusion and events detection ) project will be granted by ANR. Http: Partners are : Laboratoire d’Informatique de Paris 6, Paris, France Laboratoire de l’Informatique du Parallélisme, Lyon, France SME, RTGI SAS Linkfluence, Paris, France Summary Complex networks appear in many contexts: sociology, with friendship networks, collaboration networks, computer networks, with …

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STIC-AmSud: UCOOL project accepted

The UCOOL (Understanding and predicting human demanded COntent and mObiLity) project will be granted by STIC-AmSUD. Partners are : Laboratório Nacional de Computacão Científica (LNCC) in Brazil Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Buenos Aires (FI/UBA)  in Argentina Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria (USM) in Chile Telecom Sud Paris, in France INRIA Saclay – Ile de …

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