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Having members with diverse research and cultural backgrounds, we always look forward to having new members and visitors throughout the year. Current openings in our team can be found below.

May 05

Post Doctoral Position (12 months). Natural Language Processing: automatic speech recognition system using deep neural networks without out-of-vocabulary words

– Location: INRIA Nancy Grand Est research center, France – Research theme: PERCEPTION, COGNITION, INTERACTION – Project-team: Multispeech Deadline to apply: June 6, 2018   – Scientific Context: More and more audio/video appear on Internet each day. About 300 hours of multimedia are uploaded per minute. In these multimedia sources, audio data represents a very …

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Apr 25

(Français) Stage d’ingénieur : Développement d’une boîte à outils pour la collecte de commentaires à partir de différents sites internet.

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

Apr 23

PhD position on leveraging noisy, incomplete, or implicit labels for automatic speech recognition

PI: Emmanuel Vincent Co-PI: Armelle Brun Start: October 2018 To apply: apply online or send the following documents to and as soon as possible and no later than May 23, 2018: CV motivation letter degree certificates and transcripts for BSc and MSc MSc thesis if already completed, or a description of the work in progress otherwise a copy of …

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Apr 04

PhD Position on “Expressive speech synthesis based on deep learning”

Expressive speech synthesis based on deep learning Location: INRIA Nancy Grand Est research center — LORIA Laboratory, Nancy, France Research theme: Perception, Cognition, Interaction, Project-team: MULTISPEECH ( Scientific Context Over the last decades, text-to-speech synthesis (TTS) has reached good quality and intelligibility, and is now commonly used in information delivery services, as for example in …

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Mar 22

PhD position: “Online hate speech against migrants”

Impact LUE Open Language and Knowledge for Citizens – OLKi Application for a PhD grant 2018 co-supervised by the Crem and the Loria “Online hate speech against migrants” Deadline to apply : May 10st 2018 According to the 2017 International Migration Report, the number of international migrants worldwide has continued to grow rapidly in recent years, …

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Feb 21

PhD position: Deep-learning based speech enhancement with ad-hoc microphone arrays

General informations: Location: Loria/Inria Nancy Grand-Est (Nancy, France) and LCTI/Télécom ParisTech (Paris, France) Supervisors: Romain Serizel (Université de Lorraine, Loria), Irina Illina (Université de Lorraine, Loria), Slim Essid (Télécom ParisTech, LTCI) Research theme: Perception, Cognition, Interaction Project-team: Multispeech Starting date: September 2018 Deadline to apply : April 30th 2018 Scientific context: Speech is everywhere in …

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Feb 05

PhDThesis. Natural Language Processing: adding new words to a speech recognition system using Deep Neural Networks

– Location: INRIA/LORIA Nancy Grand Est research center France – Research theme: Perception, Cognition, Interaction – Project-team: Multispeech Deadline to apply : May 1st 2018 – Scientific Context: Voice is seen as the next big field for computer interaction. The research company Gartner reckons that by 2018, 30% of all interactions with devices will be …

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Jun 28

Post-doctoral position in NLP

Loria, a computer science lab in Nancy – France, has 12 months funded full-time post-Doctoral researcher position starting on October 2017. The post-doctoral position is funded by AMIS (Access Multilingual Information OpinionS), a Chist-Era project ( The topic of the post-doc is the automatic comparison of multilingual opinions in videos. Two videos in two different …

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