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PhD position : Automatic speech recognition for non-native speakers in a noisy environment

Ph.D. position Starting date: September-October 2023 Duration: 36 months  Supervisors: Irina Illina, Associate Professor, HDR, Lorraine University, LORIA-INRIA, Multispeech Team,, Emmanuel Vincent, Senior Research Scientist, INRIA, Multispeech Team,   Context When a person has their hands busy performing a task like driving a car or piloting an airplane, voice is a fast and …

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Unsupervised Audio-visual Speech Enhancement based on Variational Autoencoders

Speaker: Mostafa Sadeghi Date and place: March 20, 2020 at 10:30 -VISIO-CONFERENCE Abstract: Speech enhancement, or separating a target speech from noise, has long been an important problem in signal processing and machine learning. Visual information associated with the target speaker, i.e., lips movements, is known to improve speech enhancement, especially when the recorded speech …

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ASVspoof 2019 CHALLENGE: Future horizons in spoofed/fake audio detection

MULTISPEECH team member is co-organizing the third edition of spoofed/fake audio detection challenge. The task is to design automatic systems capable of discriminating between natural and spoofed speech. The official announcement  of the challenge can be found below. *=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=* ASVspoof 2019 CHALLENGE: Future horizons in spoofed/fake audio detection =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*= Can you distinguish computer-generated or …

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Interspeech 2016 special session – Realism in robust speech processing

See call for papers.

EWEA 2015 : Baldwin Dumortier receives the best poster prize

Baldwin Dumortier received the best prize for his scientific poster about the iEar project at the European conference on wind energy EWEA which was recently held in Paris.   Video of the project