Research themes

The project is organized along the three following scientific challenges:

  • The explicit modeling of speech.
  • The statistical modeling of speech.
  • The estimation and the exploitation of uncertainty in speech processing.

Although being interdependent, each of these three scientific challenges constitutes a founding research direction for the MULTISPEECH project. Consequently, the research program is organized along three research directions, each one matching a scientific challenge. A large part of the research is conducted on French speech data; English and German languages are also considered in speech recognition experiments and language learning. Adaptation to other languages of the machine learning based approaches is possible providing the availability of corresponding speech corpora.

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Application areas

  • Computer assisted learning
  • Aided communication and monitoring
  • Annotation and processing of spoken documents
  • Multimodal computer interactions                                        

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MULTISPEECH is regularly involved in a number of collaborative projects with academic and/or industrial partners.

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Academic and industrial relations

You can see a list of principal partners.

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Activity reports

Here are the three last activity reports of the MULTISPEECH team.