EUR DigiSport starting in 2020

Members of the MimeTIC team / M2S laboratory carried out a PIA3 EUR (Ecole Universitaire de Recherche) project (DIGISPORT project) for the University of Rennes, which brings together the universities and Grandes Ecoles of the Rennes site. This project, with a total budget of ¤86 million, is funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation to the tune of E5.9 million.

The objective of DIGISPORT is to create a unique graduate school of international excellence in interdisciplinary training and research in digital sport sciences. This project aims to offer students in initial and continuing training an opportunity to build a study strategy suited to their professional goals and to the labor market. The digital revolution in sports and exercise is indeed already underway, at the confluence of the fast-growing markets of sport (¤80 billion worldwide) and digital technology and connected objects (¤207 billion world-wide). It leads to the emergence of new professions at the interface of these domains requiring skills in sports science, digital, electronics, and human and social sciences. Currently, education system is not designed to train this type of multi-skilled and agile students able to integrate an evolving labor market. DIGISPORT aims to link and structure training courses and research to promote a transversal approach uniting teaching and research staff around the new discipline of digital sport science and to address the new skills generated by the entry of sport into the digital age. The EUR will provide a coordinated training offer, from masters to doctoral level, that is resolutely interdisciplinary and strongly linked to research and innovation.

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