Facilities and equipments

IRISA and M2S laboratories share their experimental facilities.

Virtual Reality platformsImmersia

MimeTIC benefits from priviledge access to two virtual reality plaforms Immersia (Irisa) and Immermove (M2S), grouped in a unique collaborative immersive platform named “ImmerSTAR” leaded by Georges Dumont.

The Immersia VR platform is owned by IRISA and Inria. This platform is organised around a large immersive infrastructure and dedicated softwares. Immersia is in fact the third version of this VR platform.

Technical specifications :

  • Vertical retro-projected main screen: 12x4m
  • Direct-projected ground screen: 12x4m
  • 2 Christie Mirage 4K 3D projectors
  • Tracking system: 6 Vicon Bonita cameras, 1 Apex
  • Active stereoscopy with RF Volfoni ActiveEyes pro
  • Surround sound 5.1
  • Rendering software: Techviz


The gymnasium is located in M2S platform (in ENS Rennes, KerLann campus) . It is 30mx20m and fully dedicated to analyzing human motion.


  • Ground forces measurement: 2 force plates 120x60cm (AMTI)
  • Electromyographic system : 16 waterproof wreless mini wave infinity with a cometa Wave Plus EMG system
  • Motion capture system : Vicon-MX (Oxford Metrics) with 16 cameras and Optitrack (Natural Point) with 20 cameras
  • Dynamometric evaluation machine (Contrex)
  • Cycle Ergometer  : SRM indoortrainer science version with powercontrol 7 and a crank torque analysis system
  • Head mounted display (Oculus VR): Oculus rift 1
  • Kinect 2 (Microsoft)

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