Luc Bougé


Professor of Informatics at ENS Rennes

KerData Team at IRISA and INRIA Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique Research Center.

Contact details

IRISA, ENS Rennes and INRIA Rennes Bretagne – Atlantique
Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu
35042, Rennes
Office: F425 Rouge (extension: 72 02)
Mobile Phone: + 33 6 88 76 xx xx
Preferred mail address:
Warning: I am unfortunately difficult to join on a fixed phone, as I am working on multiple sites. To join me, please send me a mail or call me on my mobile phone number if you know it.

Research Interests

  • Programming Languages
  • Parallel Programming
  • High-Performance Programming
  • Clusters, grids and clouds programming platforms

Recent Highlights

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Short bio

I studied pure mathematics at École Normale Supérieure (ENS) in Paris, and then turned to Informatics for my PhD Thesis defended in 1982 under the supervision of Marie-Claude Gaudel. After a post-doctoral year in Aarhus, Denmark, I joined CNRS as a researcher, working at University Paris 7 and then at ENS Paris with Krzysztof Apt on the semantics of parallel programming languages (Hoare’s CSP), which was the subject of my State Thesis in 1987.

I got a full professor position at ENS Lyon in 1990, where I chaired the teaching department and the Informatics department of the doctoral school. There, I worked on the semantics of high-performance data-parallel languages (C*, HPF) and their implementation on distributed clusters, and on high-performance multithreading (PM2) and zero-copy communication (Madeleine) libraries.

I moved to ENS Cachan in 2001 to found the teaching department of Informatics at its Brittany extension in Rennes, now a self-running school called ENS Rennes. I joined the IRISA laboratory and the local INRIA Research Center in the team of Thierry Priol. In 2009, I co-founded with Gabriel Antoniu the KerData team to work specifically on the management of very large-scale data on distributed platforms as clusters, grids and clouds.

A list of publications can be found on DBLP

A comprehensive list of all my publications since 2009 is available on the HAL Open Archives Library, sorted by year or type.

For an extensive list, see here. Please, allow some time to load.

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