Awards obtained by members of the KerData Team

Paper and Poster Awards

  • Best Research Poster Finalist at the Supercomputing 2022 conference for Julien Monniot for his poster “Modeling Allocation of Heterogeneous Storage Resources on HPC Systems” (4 finalists out of ~100 submissions).
  • Outstanding Paper Award: Special Track on AI for Social Impact at the Thirty-Fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence in 2020 (AAAI-20, an A*-level conference).
  • Best Student Paper Finalist at the Supercomputing Asia 2018 conference for Orçun Yildiz. More…
  • Best Student Paper Finalist at the ACM/IEEE SC16 conference for the paper « Tyr: Blob Storage Meets Built-In Transactions  »  by Pierre Matri, Alexandru Costan, Gabriel Antoniu, Jesús Montes, Maria Pérez. Main author: Pierre Matri, PhD student co-advised with Maria Pérez (442 submissions, 81 accepted papers, 7 finalists).
  • Third Award at the ACM Graduate Student Research Competition  for Nathanaël Cheriere. Competition organized with the ACM/EEE SC16 conference.

PhD Thesis Awards

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