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Open PhD positions

Looking for an exciting opportunity for a PhD thesis at the frontiers of Big Data Analytics and Storage, High-Performance Computing and Machine Learning?

Spontaneous applications for PhD thesis are welcome, on the following topics:

Postdoctoral positions

Spontaneous applications are welcome, please contact:

Open master-level and undergraduate internships

We have multiple offers open on the following topics:

The KerData team in a nutshell

  • As a PhD student in the KerData team, you will join a dynamic and enthusiastic group, committed to top-level research in the areas of High-Perfomance Computing and Big Data Analytics.
  • The KerData team is leading projects in top-level national and international collaborative environments, e.g., the JLESC international Laboratory on Extreme-Scale Computing. It has active collaborations with top-level academic institutions all around the world (including the USA,  Mexico, Spain, Germany, Japan, Romania, etc.). The team also has close connections with the industry (e.g., Microsoft, Huawei).
  • The KerData team’s publication policy targets the best-level international journals and conferences of its scientific area. The team also strongly favors experimental research, validated by implementation and experimentation of software prototypes with real-world applications on real-world platforms, e.g., clouds such as Microsoft Azure and some of the most powerful supercomputers in the world.

Why joining the KerData team is an opportunity for Ph.D. candidates

  • The team’s top-level collaborations strongly favor successful Ph.D theses dedicated to solving challenging problems at the edge of knowledge, in close interaction with top-level experts from both academia and industry.
    • To follow the career of our successful former Ph.D. students, have a look here.
  • The KerData team is committed to personalized advising and coaching, to help PhD candidates train and grow in all directions that are critical in the process of becoming successful, top-level researchers.
  • You will have the opportunity to present your work in top level venues where you will meet the best experts in the field.
  • What you will learn beyond research.  In addition to learning how to perform meaningful and impactful research,  you will acquire useful skills for communication:
    • In written form: how to write a good paper, how to design a convincing poster.
    • In oral form: how to present your work in a clear, well-structured and convincing way.
This is how some of our PhD students received awards in recognition to the quality of their research. Have a look!
  • Why it will be fun
    • In the data analytics field, you will know how to crouch very large famous datasets from (e.g., from Twitter or Facebook) and monitor the world from your laptop!
    • In the extreme-scale computing area, you will have the opportunity to run experiments on some of world’s top supercomputers!
  • Additional complementary training will be available, with the goal of preparing the PhD candidates for their postdoctoral career, should it be envisioned in academia, industry or in an entrepreneurial context, to create a startup company.

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