KerData is a joint research team of Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique,  ENS Rennes and INSA Rennes and a team of the IRISA lab.

Leader: Gabriel Antoniu, Research Director at Inria


The KerData project-team is focusing on designing innovative architectures and systems for scalable data storage and processing. We target three types of infrastructures: pre-Exascale high-performance supercomputers, cloud-based and edge-based infrastructures, according to the current needs and requirements of data-intensive applications.

As new, complex applications have started to emerge, combining simulation, analytics and learning, they require hybrid execution infrastructures combining supercomputers, cloud-based and edge-based systems. Our most recent research aims to address data-related requirements (storage, processing) for such complex workflows. They are structured in three research axes:

  • Convergence of HPC and Big Data Infrastructures
  • Advanced Data Processing on the Edge-to-Cloud Digital Continuum
  • Scalable I/O, communication, in situ visualization and analysis on HPC systems at extreme scales

Our approach strongly relies on experimentation on the Grid’5000 platform, on top supercomputers and on reference cloud platforms.

New: open permanent positions in 2022 (MCF/PR).

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