KerData is a joint research team of Inria Rennes РBretagne Atlantique,  ENS Rennes and INSA Rennes. It is also an IRISA team created on the 1st of July 2009.

Leader: Gabriel Antoniu, Research Director at Inria

Our research activities address the area of distributed data management at challenging scales, with a particular focus on clouds and petascale HPC architectures. We target data-oriented high-performance applications that exhibit the need to handle massive non structured data – BLOBs: binary large objects (on the order of terabytes) – stored in a large number (thousands to tens of thousands), accessed under heavy concurrency by a large number of clients (thousands to tens of thousands at a time) with a relatively fine access grain (on the order of megabytes). Examples of such applications are:

  • Cloud data-mining applications (e.g., based on the MapReduce paradigm) handling massive data distributed at a large scale
  • Advanced (e.g., concurrency-optimized, versioning-oriented) cloud services both for user-level data storage and for virtual machine image storage and management at IaaS level
  • Distributed storage for post-Petascale computing applications
  • Storage for desktop grid applications with high write throughput requirements.

Our approach strongly relies on experimentation on the Grid’5000 platform.