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Synthèse d’images 3D



  1. Seance01 – introduction
  2. Séance 02 – maillages (suite). Suivre Introduction to meshes.
  3. Séance 03 – maillages
  4. Séance 04 – textures
  5. Séance 05 – Introduction à l’éclairage  –  Cube illuminé
  6. Séance 06 – Introduction à Web3D
  7. Séance 07 – Exercice sur X3D, à faire en autonomie et à m’envoyer
  8. Séance 08 – Examen

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Introduction to Web3D

X3Dgraphics courses and associated examples Basic examples HelloWorld.xhtml CoordinateAxes.xhtml  Using an Inline and a .x3d file. WARNING: inline nodes work only using a web server (open the page using http://), not locally (using file://) QuadTexture.xhtml IndexedFaceSet with texture anim.xhtml Animated cube Useful links X3Dom examples: Simple All Reference the X3D node reference is a part …