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Mathieu Le Pen

I am an advanced technician on Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at Ifsttar in Nantes.

Research interests / field of activity

My activity is focused on embedded sensor development for civil engineering, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and statistical approaches for fault assessment and predictive maintenance.

  • Embedded signal processing
  • Wireless data timing
  • Efficient energy harvesting

Short bio

After graduating with an advanced technical certificate in electronics in 1998, I started work in the mobile phone industry. In 2001, I obtained a position at the Bridges and Pavements Regional Laboratory of Autun. After 6 years of work on pavements quality and measurements, I moved to the System & Integrated Sensors laboratory (SII) of Ifsttar-COSYS in 2007 and oriented my career on embedded sensors development.

Recent projects

  • SIPRIS (2012-2015): During the SIPRIS project (Instrumentation for risk prevention) led by Advitam, and financed by the Ile de France region, a signaling gantry at IFSTTAR Nantes was instrumented to perform experimental modal analysis and automatic damage detection using estimated vibration modes and finite element modeling.
  • PEGASE & PEGASE 2 – developer team


Allée des Ponts et Chaussées
Route de Bouaye – CS4
44344 Bouguenais Cedex

e-mail: mathieu.lepen(at)