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David Pallier

I am a PhD student at IETR (Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes) and IFSTTAR (French institute of science and technology for transport, development and networks), under the supervision of Sébastien Pillement and Vincent Le Cam.

Research interests / field of activity

I am working on the synchronization of sensors in wireless sensors networks. The aim is to develop new synchronization schemes that have scalable precision and are energy efficient.

Short bio

I received an engineer degree in electronics and digital technologies from « Ecole polytechnique de l’université de Nantes » in Nantes (France) in 2016. After that I joined IFSTTAR as a temporary research engineer for one year and then I started my PhD in 2017.


Allée des Ponts et Chaussées
Route de Bouaye – CS4
44344 Bouguenais Cedex

e-mail: david.pallier(at)