Hybrid is a research team created January 1, 2013 in Rennes, France, and hosted jointly at Inria and IRISA (UMR CNRS 6074). Hybrid members are affiliated with either Inria, INSA Rennes or University of Rennes 1. The scientific fields of Hybrid are Virtual Reality and 3D interaction with virtual environments.

Hybrid research focuses on multiple user inputs, and intends to exploit both motor activity (motion-tracking) and mental activity (brain-computer interfaces). We want to create novel “body-based” and “mind-based” controls of virtual environments, and reach in both cases immersive and efficient 3D user interfaces. We also want to introduce a “hybrid approach” which will mix mental and motor activities in virtual reality. Hybrid applications are in the field of industry (virtual prototyping), medicine (surgical simulation, rehabilitation), design (architectural mock-ups), digital art, or videogames.

Hybrid follows three main axes of research:

  • Body-based interaction in virtual reality (real-time physical simulation of complex interactive phenomena, haptic and pseudo-haptic feedback)
  • Brain-based interaction in virtual reality (3D user interfaces based on brain-computer interfaces and mind-based control)
  • Hybrid and collaborative 3D interaction (Collaborative virtual environments with multiple users, and shared systems with body and mind inputs).