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Multimodal neurofeedback using real-time EEG-MRI for brain rehabilitation

Deadline for application: June 30th, 2017 Research teams : VISAGES Team, Inserm U1228/Inria/IRISA-CNRS, Rennes HYBRID Team, Inria/IRISA-CNRS, Rennes Associate Supervisors : C. BARILLOT, A. LECUYER, Description: Neurofeedback (NF) is neuro-adaptive technology that provides an individual with real-time biofeedback about his or her brain activity in the form of sensory feedback. It enables individuals …

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Improving Perception and Interaction in Augmented Reality

Description : The principle of augmented reality (AR) consists of inserting digital information (virtual images) onto real images (captured in real-time from direct or indirect viewpoint). Adding this synthetic digital information must be made in a way that virtual images are registered with the real ones (it means that both the position and the orientation …

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