Category: Seminar

Nov 23

HiePACS Working Group

Osni Marques will give a presentation: Friday 24/11 at 14:00 in Grace Hopper 2. Title: Nonlinear Eigensolver based on Padé Approximants Abstract: In this presentation, we discuss a strategy for finding nontrivial solutions (λ,x) for a class of nonlinear eigenvalue problems of the form F( λ)x = 0. Specifically, we focus on problems related to …

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Sep 20

HiePACS Working Group

The next HiePACS Working Group will take place on Friday 22 September 2017 at 9:30 in Alan Turing 2. Alain Franc, INRA BioGeCo & INRIA Pleiade Une partie non négligeable de « machine learning » ou de la reconnaissance de formes repose in fine sur des méthodes linéaires d’analyse des données, qui se sont fortement développées dans les années 70-80 avec …

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May 02

Séminaire : Pr Tucker Carrington, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

Nous avons le plaisir d’accueillir le Pr Tucker Carrington  de  Queen’s University , Kingston, Ontario  les 2 et 3 mai. Il donnera un séminaire le 2 mai à 14h – Amphi du LABRI Titre New variational methods for computing vibrational spectra of molecules with up to 11 atoms Abstract I shall present two new variational methods for computing vibrational spectra. …

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Sep 27

HiePACS working group – Friday September 30 – 9:00 – Ada Lovelace

The next HiePACS working group will be Friday September 30 9:00 – 11:30  in Ada Lovelace. It will consist of a survey on recent activities on hybrid solvers in the team. Note that there will also be a presentation of Nathalie Moller (UVSQ/Dassault) at 14:30 the same day on FMM

May 13

Le HPC au service de l’électromagnétisme et de l’acoustique

présentation de Guillaume Sylvand, Ingénieur Expert Airbus Group Innovations, HIEPACS le vendredi 13 mai 2016 de 13h à 14h, Salle Ada Lovelace, Inria Des maquettes testées en soufflerie aux essais en vol, en passant par la conception, la construction, l’acheminement et l’assemblage de chacune des pièces de l’appareil, Airbus Group réalise un très grand nombre …

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Oct 15

HiePACS WG – Tuesday October 20

The next HiePACS working group will take place in Ada Lovelace at 14:15 on Tuesday October 20 with the following program: 14:15 Esmond Ng (LBNL, USA):  Latest results on greedy ordering algorithms 15:15  Coffee break 15:30 Romain Garnier (HiePACS): Fast computation of the vibrational Hamiltonian spectra by a hierarchical Rayleigh-Ritz method based on a new …

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Jul 07

HiePACS Working Group (July 15, 14:00, Ada Lovelace) and visit of George Bosilca – July 15 – 17

George Bosilca ( will visit Inria BSO on July 15, 16 & 17 in the context of the Morse ( associate team. In the context of the HiePACS working group, he will present some recent advances on the PaRSEC runtime system ( as well as on fault-tolerance. It will take place in Ada Lovelace on …

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Jun 04

HiePACS working group – Friday June 5th – Ada Lovelace

The AVBP team is visiting Inria on Friday June 5. AVBP is a parallel CFD code for reactive unsteady flow simulations on hybrid grids developed at CERFACS. The goal of the day is to exchange with the HiePACS and Storm teams about the possible support of their code by a task-based runtime system such as …

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May 26

Séminaire de Yousef Saad le 2 juin – Inria BSO

Yousef Saad (Université du Minnesota, fera une présentation le mardi 2 juin à partir de 10h00 salle Ada Lovelace. Titre : « Parallel Multilevel Low-Rank approximation preconditioners » Résumé: This presentation will discuss  a class of preconditioning methods for solving  linear systems  of  equations that  are  based on  exploiting low-rank  approximations to  certain matrices.   …

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Mar 27

HiePACS Working group – Friday March 27 – 9:30 room Ada Lovelace

The next working group will take place on Friday March 27 at 9:30. Marc Baboulin (leader of the ParSys team at LRI) will present the actitivities of his group with a special focus on randomized algorithms. Will follow a presentation on H-matrix computation by Yuval Harness (postdoctoral researcher in HiePacs) at 10:30. This presentation will …

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