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March, 31, 2022, 11:00 AM: Mohamed Aziz Sfar Gandoura (GraphIk)

Title: Test Scenarios Generation for EDF N4 power plants Logical Controllers

Logic controllers used in EDF power plants have to be thoroughly tested to ensure that they fulfill their intended purposes and meet their requirements. The expected behavior of these controllers is described in logical diagram specifications. Test scenarios have to be derived from these specifications to be applied on the controller for validation and logical diagrams lack formal semantics, which makes it difficult to use the formal methods of test generation. We propose a transformation method of the logical diagrams into state graphs that formally reproduce the expected behaviour of logic controllers. We take advantage of the obtained graph to develop methods of generation and selection of test scenarios. A knowledge base representation of this graph using logical rule languages to generate tests is to be considered in this thesis.

Biography: I have graduated form the National Institute of Applied Science and Technology (INSAT Tunis) in 2020 as an engineer in “informatique industrielle”. I was an exchange student in ENSEM Nancy in 2020 in “Ingénerie des Systèmes Numériques” in 2020. In 2020/2021 I have done a MSc at ENS Paris Saclay from which I graduated after accomplishing an internship in EDF supervised by Dina Irofti. My internship was entitled: “Génération automatique de scénarios de tests pour les systèmes de contrôle-commande” . From 2022 I am in the GraphIK team co-supervised by M. Croitoru and D. Irofti on a EDF financed thesis entitled “Génération de test pour le contrôle-commande du palier N4 des centrales nucléaire” running between 2022 and 2025.

Location: B5, Room 3.124

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