Aug 22

CMU visit

Pavel Tokmakov (PhD student, Inria Thoth) will be visiting CMU 11 – 12 September.

Aug 01

Inria visit

Gunnar Sigurdsson (PhD student, CMU) will be spending 3 months at Inria Grenoble (Aug – Sep).

Mar 02

CMU visit

Jean Ponce is visiting CMU 17 – 20 April.

Oct 10

Inria visit

Ishan Misra (CMU), PhD student of Martial Hebert and Abhinav Gupta has visited the teams in Paris and Grenoble in October. At Grenoble, he gave a talk on “Learning without exhaustive supervision”.

Sep 30

CMU visit

Jean Ponce will be visiting CMU in October.

Sep 23

Inria Grenoble talk : Jean Ponce

Jean Ponce has given a talk on the collaboration with CMU, “Toward a Unified Geometric Framework for Computer Vision,” on 23rd September.

Sep 22

Inria Grenoble talk : Martial Hebert

Martial Hebert is giving a talk on “Reducing supervision for vision tasks” on the 22nd September during his visit to Inria.

Jul 29

Thesis jury

Martial Hebert is a reviewer for Philippe Weinzaepfel’s PhD Thesis, co-supervised by Zaid Harchaoui and Cordelia Schmid in the Thoth project-team. The defense is scheduled for 23rd September.

Jul 11

CMU talk

Karteek Alahari has given a VASC seminar on the 7th July during his visit to CMU.

May 25

CMU visit

Karteek Alahari will be visiting CMU in July.