Category: News

Team renewal

The associate team has been renewed, with additional participants.

Inria visit

Gunnar Sigurdsson (PhD student, CMU) will be spending 2 months at Inria Grenoble.

New dataset and source code

A new dataset, Charades-Ego, and the source code associated with our CVPR 2018 paper is now available on the software page.

PhD defense

Matthew Trager will defend his PhD on 10th July.

Workshop program

The program for the ALLEGRO/GAYA workshop on 5th June is now available.


A workshop with invited speakers will be organized on the 5th June at Inria Grenoble.

PhD defense

Pavel Tokmakov (Thoth, now at CMU) will defend his thesis on 4th June.

PAISS 2018: Speakers

Martial Hebert and Jean Ponce will be speaking at PAISS, the summer school in Grenoble, in July.


Pavel Tokmakov (Thoth) has started a postdoc position with Abhinav Gupta, Martial Hebert and Deva Ramanan at CMU.

PAISS 2018: Summer school in Grenoble

Karteek Alahari, Jean Ponce and Cordelia Schmid are co-organizing PAISS, an AI summer school in Grenoble, 2-6 July.