Inria visit

Abhinav Gupta will be visiting the WILLOW team in October.

CMU visit

Pavel Tokmakov (PhD student, Inria Thoth) will be visiting CMU 11 – 12 September.

Inria visit

Gunnar Sigurdsson (PhD student, CMU) will be spending 4 months at Inria Grenoble (Aug – Nov).

New paper

Work on “general models for rotational cameras” is accepted at CVPR 2017. It is available on the publications page.

CMU visit

Jean Ponce is visiting CMU 17 – 20 April.

CVPR Program Co-chair

Deva Ramanan is the program co-chair of CVPR 2018.

Inria visit

Ishan Misra (CMU), PhD student of Martial Hebert and Abhinav Gupta has visited the teams in Paris and Grenoble in October. At Grenoble, he gave a talk on “Learning without exhaustive supervision”.

CMU visit

Jean Ponce will be visiting CMU in October.

Inria Grenoble talk : Jean Ponce

Jean Ponce has given a talk on the collaboration with CMU, “Toward a Unified Geometric Framework for Computer Vision,” on 23rd September.

Inria Grenoble talk : Martial Hebert

Martial Hebert is giving a talk on “Reducing supervision for vision tasks” on the 22nd September during his visit to Inria.