Category: Meetings

Inria visit

Gunnar Sigurdsson (PhD student, CMU) will be spending 2 months at Inria Grenoble.

Inria visit

Deva Ramanan is one of the examiners for Karteek Alahari’s HDR. He will also participate in the workshop organized on 28 – 29 January in Grenoble.

CMU visit

Jean Ponce will visit CMU 2 – 5 December.

CMU visit

Karteek Alahari will visit CMU in August.

CMU visit

Karteek Alahari will be visiting CMU on 15th June.

Workshop program

The program for the ALLEGRO/GAYA workshop on 5th June is now available.

Inria visit

Pavel Tokmakov (CMU) will be visiting Inria Grenoble 31 May – 5 June.


A workshop with invited speakers will be organized on the 5th June at Inria Grenoble.

PAISS 2018: Speakers

Martial Hebert and Jean Ponce will be speaking at PAISS, the summer school in Grenoble, in July.

PAISS 2018: Summer school in Grenoble

Karteek Alahari, Jean Ponce and Cordelia Schmid are co-organizing PAISS, an AI summer school in Grenoble, 2-6 July.