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Scientific missions from PUC Minas to INRIA

From June 27 to July 08, Luis Enrique Zárate (professor at PUC Minas) and Pedro Henrique Penna (currently, master student at UFSC) visited the INRIA Corse Team. In August (from 15 to 26), Matheus Souza (PhD student at PUC Minas) and Daniel Carmo (master student at PUC Minas) visited the INRIA Corse Team. Matheus also …

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WSCAD 2015 (Florianópolis, Brazil)

Pedro Penna presented at  WSCAD 2015 the paper “Uma Metodologia Baseada em Simulação e Algoritmo Genético para Exploração de Estratégias de Escalonamento de Laços” Authors: Pedro Henrique Penna (PUC Minas), Márcio Castro (UFSC), Henrique C. Freitas (PUC Minas), François Broquedis (Univ.Grenoble Alpes – France) and Jean-François Méhaut (Univ.of Grenoble – France) This work was supported by …

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Mission at UFRGS

From 19 to 20 March 2015, Pedro Henrique Penna (PUC Minas), Carlos Augusto Martins (PUC Minas) and Henrique Freitas (PUC Minas) were at UFRGS in order to discuss the joint research related to ExaSE project.

Mission at PUC Minas

From 24 to 26 February 2015, Francis B. Moreira (UFRGS), Daniel A. G. Oliveira (UFRGS), Emmanuell D. Carreño (UFRGS) and Víctor E. M. Abaunza (UFRGS) were at PUC Minas in order to discuss the joint research related to ExaSE project.

Meeting in Porto Alegre, April 2014

The first meeting to discuss research goals and experiments of Axis B1 took place on Friday 11th April 2014 in Porto Alegre with the presence of professors Philippe Navaux (UFRGS), Jean-François Méhaut (UJF) and Henrique Freitas (PUC Minas).