Team members

Team Leader

Coordination : Jean-Marc Vincent (Inria) and Nicolas Maillard (Brazil)

French scientific coordinators

  • Team Mescal Arnaud Legrand (C.2: Simulation for prediction and tuning) Jean-Marc Vincent (C.1: Trace analysis and visualization)
  • Team Moais Bruno Raffin (B.2: Adaptive scheduling) Denis Trystram (A: Fundamentals for the scaling of schedulers) Thierry Gautier (B.2: Adaptive scheduling)
  • Team Nanosim Jean-François Méhaut (B.1: Many-core platforms and low consumption scheduling) Vania Marangozova

Brazilian scientific coordinators

  • UFRGS – FAPERGS – Nicolas Bruno Maillard (B.2: Adaptive scheduling) Lucas Mello Schnorr (C1-2: Tools for the analysis of large scale schedulers) Philippe Olivier Alexandre Navaux (B.1: Many-core platforms and low consumption scheduling)
  • CArT – PUC Minas – FAPEMIG – Henrique Cota de Freitas (B.1: Many-core platforms and low consumption scheduling)
  • USP – FAPESP – Alfredo Goldman (A: Fundamentals for the scaling of schedulers)

PhD students

  • Rafel Keller Tesser (UFRGS)
  • Edson Luiz Padoin (UFRGS)
  • Francieli Zanon Boito (UFRGS)
  • Laercio Lima Pilla (UFRGS/LIG), defended April 2014
  • Emilio de Camargo Francesquini (USP/LIG), defended May 2014

Master students

  • Jonas H. M. Korndorfer (UFRGS), parallelization of the PajeNG
  • Flavio A. Rodrigues (UFRGS), machine learning techniques for performance analysis
  • Luis F. G. Millani (UFRGS), energy-aware work stealing
  • Daniel A. S. Carmo (PUC Minas), parallel processing, heterogeneous architecture
  • Amanda M. P. Amorim (PUC Minas), thread mapping strategy, shared-memory architectures
  • Matheus A. Souza (PUC Minas), defended on July 06, 2015
  • Cíntia P. Avelar (PUC Minas), defended on September 08, 2014

Scientific collaborators

  • Brice Videau (CNRS LIG)
  • Kevin Pouget (CNRS LIG)
  • Marcio Bastos Castro (UFSC)
  • Laercio Lima Pilla (UFSC)
  • Emilio de Camargo Francesquini (USP, UNICAMP)
  • Carlos A. P. S. Martins (PUC Minas)
  • Luis E. Zárate (PUC Minas)
  • Luis Fabricio Goes (PUC Minas)
  • Pedro H. M. M. Penna (PUC Minas)
  • Matheus M. Queiroz (PUC Minas)
  • Alyson D. Pereira (PUC Minas)