ExaSE :

Exascale Computing Scheduling and Energy


The main scientific context of this project is high performance computing on Exascale systems: large-scale machines with billions of processing cores and complex hierarchical structures. This project intends to explore the relationship between scheduling algorithms and techniques and the energy constraints present on such exascale systems.

Research directions

  • Fundamentals for the scaling of schedulers (Inria Moais, USP)
  • Design of schedulers for large-scale infrastructures (Inria Moais, Corse, PUC Minas, UFRGS)
  • Tools for the analysis of large scale schedulers (Inria Mescal, UFRGS)

French Teams Partners (Grenoble)

  • Inria team Mescal
  • Inria team Moais
  • Inria team Corse

Brazilian Teams Partners

  • UFRGS Inf department (Porto Alegre)
  • PUC Minas (Belo Horizonte)
  • USP (São Paulo)