Datamove is co-leading the organization of the Grenoble Artificial Intelligence for Physical Sciences workshop (GAP2024) at Grenoble, 29-30 May 2024. On-site registrations are closed after quickly reaching the 120 attendee limit. But still possible to participate remotely. The program is based on an impressive line-up of keynote speakers from the emerging domain of AI4Science:

  • Chris Rackauckas — MIT (Scientific machine learning, Julia)
  • David Greenberg — Helmoltz Zentrum Hereon (Model-driven machine learning)
  • Emmanuel de Bézenac — ETH (Physics-informed neural networks)
  • Gilles Louppe — Université of Liège (Simulation-based inference)
  • Julia Gusak — Inria (Neural ODEs, neural operators, and their efficiency)
  • Marc Bocquet — Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (Data assimilation and ML)
  • Marylou Gabrié — École Polytechnique (Generative modelling)
  • Nicolas Boullé — University of Cambridge (Operator learning for PDEs)
  • Nicolas Brodu — Inria (Continuous causal states)
  • Ronan Fablet — IMT Atlantique (End-to-end neural data assimilation)

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