Team members

Team Leader

Éric Rutten (Inria, Lig)


Team assistant

  • Imma Presseguer (Inria)

External collaborators

Post-doc researchers

  • Sophie Cerf (Inria)
  • Mahyar Tourchi Moghaddam (Inria, H2020 CPS4EU)
  • Hamza Sahli (in Nantes, team Stack, co-advised with Thomas Ledoux)

PhD students

  • Neil Ayeb (Cifre Orange labs, Meylan)


  • Manal Benaissa (M2R MOSIG, UGA)
  • Quentin Guilloteau (M2R MOSIG, ENSIMAG)
  • Fabien Lefevre (alternance, UGA)
  • Bashir Ibrahim (M2R MISCIT, UGA)
  • Lucie Muller (M2PGi, UGA)
  • Gaetan Sorin (alternance, UGA)

Past collaborators

  • Abdul-Hafeez Ali (M2R MISCIT)
  • Ayan Hore (M2R MOSIG), now at Schneider Electric
  • Lucie Muller (M1 TER)
  • Mohsen Zargarani (M2R MISCIT)
  • Agustin Yabo (M2R)
  • Soguy Mak-Karé Gueye, post-doc, now at ATOS, Grenoble
  • Adja Sylla, PhD
  • Lénaïg Terrier (M2R)
  • Emmanuel Stahl (Eng. intern)
  • Naweiluo Zhou, PhD, now engineer at GotouchVR in Grenoble
  • Armando Ochoa (M2R)
  • Alia Hajjar (M2R)
  • Abdoul Razak (TER)
  • Hassane Alla, external collaborator (UJF, Gipsa-Lab)
  • Nicolas Marchand, external collaborator (CNRS, Gipsa-Lab)
  • Mengxuan Zhao, PhD, now Validation Engineer with Easy Global Market
  • Frederico Alvares, post-doc, now post-doc at Inria Bretagne, Nantes
  • Julio Cano, post-doc, now post-doc at U. Porto, Portugal
  • Xin An, PhD, now Ass. Prof. at Hefei U., China

Frederico Alvares

I received my Ph.D. from Université de Nantes in April 2013. After that I spent six months as a post-doctoral researcher at École des Mines de Nantes, working on Service-Level Agreement specification for Self-adaptive Cloud Services. In November 2013, I joined Ctrl-a research team at INRIA Grenoble, where I have been working as post-doctoral researcher …

Eric Rutten

Recent updates and details available on my infos page. I am an INRIA researcher at INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes. I lead the Inria team Ctrl-A. My main research interest is in the model-based control of autonomic, adaptive and reconfigurable computing systems, also called feedback computing. I use tools from discrete control theory, particularly discrete controller synthesis, …